Sunday, March 4, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday, On Time

So, this week I was much more on top of things and got my act together somewhat.  So, here we go.

1.  Routine.

This is my routine: reading.  This week is the last week of the term (our school divides the school year into four terms of eight weeks each) before finals week and this is the stack of books I've read in the last 7 weeks.  Okay, so that's a little misleading, we only have to read sections from some of the books.  However, we do read about 600-800 pages per week.  

2. Music

This one was hard for me.  Not that I don't have a lot of music around, but I didn't just want to take a picture of some sheet music and since I already used my iPod for the technology one, I figured this flower I made last year out of old sheet music would do the trick.

3. Technology

I might kind of be a little teeny little bit addicted to Temple Run.  

4.  Show Me Your Style

I'm an accessories kind of girl and so I thought the best way to do this one would be to show you my top tens.  My top ten pairs of earrings, shoes, and necklaces.  

5. Mismatch

This is the wall above my desk: my "art wall."  As you can see, it's made up a random assortment of things, but it does make me happy, and I like to think there's a red theme that pulls it all together.  


  1. I love your "music" Nice interpretation!

  2. How nice to have an art wall.
    That is a formidable pile of books to get through, even if only in part. And I like your variety in footwear.

  3. whoa! that's a really good temple run score. i'm jealous :))

  4. I love music - that is so creative.

  5. Love your style and music. Have a great week

  6. Love your style and music. Have a great week