Monday, May 30, 2011

Justin and Laura: The Troublemakers

I've been terrible about posting lately, so, for anyone who cares, I apologize.  
These pictures are from a photoshoot I did with my brother and sister-in-law a few weeks ago.  Now, I like to think that I've photographed some pretty difficult people before: babies, my two little sisters, etc.  However, I think Justin has been the worst.  Now I did get some good ones, and looking through these you might think I'm exaggerating about how terrible he was, but I'm not.  The only time he smiled was after he had just made some horrible face at the camera, or managed to get his hand in front of the shot.  It seemed to think it was terribly funny.  

All this to say that I think I've done a pretty commendable job with these considering the type of thing I had to work with.

Smirking to himself about the trouble he was about to cause.

I think Laura might have just kissed him.  I can't think why else he would be smiling.

Yup.  Like this, the entire shoot.

I think this was right after he threw the dandelion at me right as I was taking a picture and it ended up in the shot.

Laura trying to make him behave.

"But I am behaving.  Sorta."


Whenever he actually did consent to smile, this was it.  Boxy and fake.  Thanks big brother, I love you too.

I'll try to put up a few of the pictures of them with my niece Ella soon.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I'm really proud myself this Sunday.  Two of my pictures are completely SOOC, two are *barely, barely* edited, and I only really did anything at all with one of them.

A friend and I went to the pet store for a class project we're doing and I thought this little guy was adorable.

This one is also from the pet store and also SOOC.

Isn't It Ironic:
Isn't it ironic that it's May, and everything *looks* like it's Spring, but it's really only 50 degrees out.

Another pet store find.  Different pet store this time.

Smells Like Spring:
I love this one.  I barely edited it and I love the greens in it.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

FOOTBALL! Well, kind of. . . .Okay, not really

Sunday was the school football game.  Going to a small (really, really small: like, minuscule) liberal arts college, we don't have any organized sports teams. Every term, for the guys, we have a sporting event.  Rugby, basketball, volleyball and football (Okay, I lied, the girls can play volleyball too).  However, as I didn't get any very good pictures of the action itself, these are just pictures I took while I was there.

Lizbelle and Natalie all face-painted up.


Bobbi's eyes.

The guys all singing the Doxology together after the game.

Jonte and I.

Kristy and Laura.

The other Laura, Becki and Kristina.

And lastly, but definitely not leastly. . .one of the my teacher's sons.  Doesn't he have the prettiest eyes?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday: May Day

Today I don't really have time to actually blog, because we are about to run out the door to a football game, so I think I'm just going to go the direct, simple description route.

Auntie's Books in Spokane, WA.  I took this while we were there for a day.

Rimmed with Light:
This one and the Favorite one could have almost been interchanged, but I decided I liked the one I chose for Favorite slightly better because it was delicious as well as pretty.

Toes or Feet:
Another picture from our daytrip to Spokane.  Poor Mel, defeated by the iron man.

This is my Favorite:
Dessert last night was some amazing cupcakes topped with these beautiful caramel swirlies. 

A picture of the Spokane falls as taken through my sunglasses.