Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunday

Oh Easter, how I love thee. 
 We started it all off with the early 8 A.M. service and then home for a nap and some post-service pictures. The mother of my boarder family is a great cook and very well prepared and always on top of everything.  We had about twenty guests over, plus the thirteen of us, so it was a pretty good crowd.  

Italian soda bar.  Yum.

Appetizers.  Do you see the asparagus in blankets?  Do you?

Shrimp in an ice bowl.

The beautiful table.

Why yes, I do like candy.

FOOD.  The beautiful ham is not visible because it's underneath the tin foil, but it was very, very good.

Susanna, Mel, and I.



And the other roomies.


I love Easter lilies.  Don't you?

Layla.  So cute. 

I hope that you went to church, ate too much food, fellowshipped and rejoiced as much as I did because. . . He *is* risen!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday: Hello Again

I don't have much to say today.  My brain is mostly fried.  This has been about the most intense week of school ever.  Anyway, with that spectacular introduction, enjoy.

My roommate and I went on a drive today and ended up finding this beautiful Roman Catholic church.  It's the first one consecrated in the state of Washington and although I'm not Roman Catholic, there was still a wonderful feeling inside.  We tiptoed and whispered and it felt almost as if time was suspended.

One of the gravestones at the Spalding homestead site.

You all, I'm so amazed and glad that I can live in a place like this.  Okay, so I don't technically live here, but I live close.  Just the amazing beauty of creation gets me every time.

While we were at a lake as part of our fieldtrip, this nearby cropduster kept showing off and zooming over our heads.

My beautiful classmate Heather.

History Fieldtrip, or Historypalooza 2011: Part 2

At the Spalding homestead.

Yes, it's a dead fly.  I know, I'm the most tasteful person evah.


There was a cemetery right next to the home site.  Most of the gravestones were for children under the age of ten.  This one is especially sad.  Twins born on Christmas and both dying the very next December.

I love the lichen growing in the etched ferns.

The ivy on this one is beautiful.


Tolo Lake.



The show-offy cropduster that kept unnecessarily flying over our heads.

And reflections.  

I'm hoping to do Scavenger Hunt Sunday tomorrow, and then I have probably about two more posts worth of fieldtrip pictures, so prepare yourself.

Friday, April 15, 2011

History Fieldtrip, or Historypalooza 2011: Part 1

This Tuesday my history class went on a fieldtrip.  We've been studying the Nez Perce indian war lately and since it all took place in Idaho/Montana where *we* happen to live we ended up traveling to a lot of places where important history stuff happened.  Anyway, we went to some really gorgeous, historical places, it was all very exciting and took almost 17 hours.  We left at 5 in the morning and didn't get back until 9:30.

Above Lewiston, Idaho.


Awesome ancient Nez Perce petroglyphs.

Pretty Addie.

Becki, Laura, and Deanna

The Lewiston paper plant.  It smelled.  Bad.

Giant Sequoia

More to come.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday: Week 4

Here we are again.  This week I'm even less prepared than last week.   The prompts were difficult for me for some reason.  So, I think, this week I'm going to do what I do every week and rather than starting from the prompt and taking pictures accordingly, I'm going to take pictures that I took this week and shoehorn them into the prompts with my wildly imaginative and figurative interpretations.  He-he.

Quail.  They crack me up with their little head-bobbles and odd running.

Waiting to Click:
I babysat three little kids on Friday.  This is Merry Blythe.  When photographing small children, it's always important to wait to click.

In Fashion:
Okay, this is probably going to be stretching it, but I really wanted to use this picture and I didn't manage to get the other picture that I was originally planning for this one. (See? I occasionally do plan stuff, it just doesn't work out.)  This picture is unedited.  I love it when pictures turn out so nicely that you don't have to edit them.  You're probably wondering how, without editing, I managed to get this lovely warm glow.  Well, my friends, it wasn't magic, I can tell you that much.  I have a pair of sunglasses that have a lovely yellow-red tint to them that make the whole world look sunny, and while I was outside studying in the sun yesterday, it dawned on me to use them as a filter of sorts.  I just stuck them in front of my camera lens, and out came some really pretty pictures.  Oh, yeah.  The fashion part.  Well, right now, this lovely warm glow in pictures seems to be very in fashion (Eh, eh? *elbow nudge*  See what I did there?).

Animal's Perspective:
One of the few pictures I actually planned and ended up taking for this challenge.

This is my dress collection, folks.  Yup.  33 of them.  Thirty-three. Count the hangers if you don't believe me.  The sad thing is that I even have a few more at home. I manage to justify all these dresses to myself because 1) a lot of them are from thrift stores or clearance racks and, come on, a dress is an entire outfit in itself, right?  and 2) I have to wear dress clothes six days a week.  So, I mean, in situations like this it's okay to own enough dresses to clothe a small country, right?